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L10 barcode system is suitable for Market, Store, Buffet, Hardware, Deli, Nuts, Spare Parts, Butcher, Housewares, Cosmetics, Haberdashery and all other retail sectors.

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Let Your Business Grow and Simplify Thanks to L10 Barcode System

Thanks to the L10 barcode system, you can get your time-based sales and profit reports, sell your stocks without barcodes, make credit card, cash and credit sales. You can use technology to instantly see your income and earnings and get reports. It is used as a barcode cash register tracking system of the retail sector such as markets, kiosks, shops, bakeries and bakeries and grocery stores.

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L10 Barcode System - Introduction Video

You can watch the short introduction to the L10 barcode system from the video below.

L10 Barcode Systems

L10 Barcode System Advanced Features

Thanks to the L10 barcode system, you can have all your desired features. Our program, developed by our expert software developer team, is shaped according to the wishes of our customers. Thanks to you, we offer the most advanced barcode program in the sector.

“Artificial Intelligence Supported Commerce”mmerce”plete Reports

Access All Reports on a Single Page

We have created a Current Status page for you. On this page, you can access all the details of your business.
You can easily observe how much of which product you sell and when, your best-selling products or the products with the most return, and you can shape your trade accordingly.
You can keep track of both the general situation of your business and your sales regularly.

Feel the Ease with User Friendly Interface

L10 Barcode Program and Automation System

Our customers think that the best solution for the retail sales sector is L10 barcode software packages. You can keep your stocks, products, and collections under regular follow-up.

Because the L10 sales & barcode system works together with pre-accounting. It allows you to use it easily with PC-POS, scales, touch computers and receipt printers. It does not tire you with its easy and practical use, it serves you.

Fast Transaction Opportunity Thanks to Successful Optimisation

It is very easy to sell with L10 Barcode

The L10 barcode sales program is a well-thought-out program. It allows you to easily use powerful features on a single screen.

Your staff, even if they have not used a sales program before, can master the L10 barcode program in minutes.

Inventor of the Partial Payment Option

Sales Completion Options

It is possible to receive part of the fee you will collect in cash or by credit card.

It is also possible to make sales by recording customers. If you are going to sell with debt, just search and select the customer name from the list.

If there is no customer record, you can easily create a customer from the same screen.

Advanced Systems

L10 Barcode Program Products

Make your sales through L10 Barcode and view your detailed reports through L10 Accounting. Thanks to our integrated system, you will now be able to easily perform your accounting – sales transactions.

L10 Pre-Accounting Program

You can perform all accounting transactions of your workplace with L10 Pre-Accounting software. You can easily perform and view all your transactions with a single click.


L10 Mobile Tracking App

Using the L10 Mobile application, you can view detailed reports of all branches of your company online and perform the transactions you want.

L10 Quick Sales Program

Using our L10 Barcode Quick Sales module, you can quickly realize all sales in your workplace. Thanks to its modern and useful interface, all your transactions are now under your control.

Unique Advantages of L10 Barcode System

Continuous Support Facility

You can contact our customer support team for even the smallest problems you experience and benefit from our support service.

User Authorization

You can add users as Cashier or Administrator. You can create multiple users and authorize each user separately.

Easy Transition Facility

You can easily and securely switch to the L10 Accounting Program from another accounting program and easily add your stocks and current accounts.

Bank and Vault Tracking

You can define more than one bank account and cash box in our system and easily identify and control your spending and income.

Customer and Supplier Tracking

You can add both your customers and suppliers to the system and easily have information about all your current status.

Report and Income Tracking

You can see your instant profit – loss status, stock tracking in detail or by filtering. Thus, you can easily follow the business situation.

Personnel Tracking

Using the L10 pre-accounting program, you can easily follow the insurance, salary, advance and premium payment transactions of your personnel.

Compatible with All Devices

L10 Barcode System is compatible with barcode reader, barcode printer, receipt printer, online scales and barcode scales. You can get information from our technical support team.

Customizable Tags

We design barcode label, shelf label and information receipt templates for your business for your convenience.

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L10 Barcode System - Frequently Asked Questions

You can view some of the questions we frequently receive from our customers below. You can contact our support unit for different questions.

A barcode system consists of two basic components: software and hardware. When choosing software, you need to pay attention to two things.

  1. The software is easy to use. If the software is difficult to use, it prevents you from using the software in the long run and brings boredom. You don’t want to use the system. Please click here to download and try the software for free.
  2. Having after-sales support and a support team. You can usually find a support team in companies that produce their own software. It is important to buy from the software manufacturer in this respect.

First of all, in order to use a barcode system, you need to have a computer and a barcode reader. The price varies according to the device (computer, reader, printer, scales, etc.) and modules you will purchase and our prices are suitable for the sector. Click to get barcode system price

Yes, you can request a return within 14 days of purchasing the barcode system.

Yes, there is a one-time payment for the license and you can use it for life.

After purchasing a license, you can get free remote support for 6 months.

There is an annual support fee of 799₺ per year, except for the free support operation period. This package is optional and not mandatory.

The barcode program is very easy as an interface and you learn it quickly. In addition, you can speed up this process by watching the training videos we publish on our Youtube channel.

By connecting to the computers of our customers, an informative meeting is held about the program and general system operation from start to finish in an audible way.

No, we need a computer to use the system. It can be a laptop, desktop or all in one touchscreen computer.

No, hundreds of our customers prefer our program because they are not satisfied with their existing software. In this process, we can easily transfer your products from the old software to the L10 Barcode program with the help of excel.

Yes, you can use the second-hand devices you have in our system.

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